Product Marketing Can Help You Reduce The Complexity of Your Offering And Increase Its Visibility.

Product Marketing Can Help You Reduce The Complexity of Your Offering And Increase Its Visibility.

You are working on a brand new offering, and focused on technological innovation. How to introduce it to your potential customers?

With time and on going developments and acquisitions, your offering turned into an heterogeneous set of products. How to depict a clear vision of your strategy to your customers and prospects?

In a competitive world, you have to make the difference with a large number of solutions.
It means for product marketing to:

  • design a consistent offering that is visible on the market, and produce marketing content to support its promotion.
  • (re)design events and marketing initiatives that make sense for your customers and generate the qualified leads that your sales teams need.

Product marketing top 4 objectives:

1. Establish Your Competitive Positioning.

Because of the complexity of offerings and marketplaces, product marketing can help you understand your true competitive advantages: this allows to accelerate your business development – by focusing on your strengths rather than hiding your weaknesses.

The understanding and alignment of your teams on your strengths and differentiators are key success factors for your sales and marketing operations. This is specifically important in the context of international business development.

2 – Design a Consistent Offering.

The way your offering is structured communicates your strategy to your target audience. By organizing functional blocks that make sense for your customers, and building them into consistent solutions that solve business issues, product marketing facilitates the visibility of your offering – and of your specific values.

The integration of market reference models – standards and common practices specifically in terminology, makes it easier to understand.

3. Design Messages Adapted to Your Target Audiences.

From a list of specific use cases, product marketing describes all messaging components upon which to build global communications. Product marketing provides you with simple and straightforward qualification profiles for your sales and marketing teams. They ensure consistency of your overall communication initiatives, locally and/or internationally.

4 – Build Effective Marketing Plans.

Marketing is a special art. You may be tempted to invest in costly but useless programs, supposed to increase awareness.

Product marketing helps your teams identify the most relevant actions that make sense in regards to your positioning and your target audiences.