Operational Marketing: Lead Generation Over Time.

Operational Marketing: Lead Generation Over Time.

Marketing professionals have to implement effective marketing actions, that make sense for your customers. It means to encompass multiple perspectives:

  • customer challenges
  • new mechanisms of marketing communications
  • local and cultural issues attached to international development

Operational marketing teams have to build relevant content marketing pieces for your target audiences, and effective marketing initiatives.

All marketing programs should be integrated into a global vision in order to tell a consistent story, allowing to create a direct and long relationship with your customers and prospects, over time: Your market will award you for a message that is adaptable at all levels and delivered regularly and permanently.

Operational Marketing Campaigns And Events.

Operational marketing is a special art. You may be tempted by costly but useless programs, supposed to increase awareness.
Operational marketing has to identify the most relevant actions that make sense in regards to your positioning and your target audiences. It means obviously to take full advantage of social media and new marketing practices that help marketing efficiency especially in the context of international presence.

Operational Marketing And Website Content.

Web is not an option for both awareness and sales lead generation. The relevance of your messages as well as the organization of information will be as – or even more important than the graphical design of your site.

Operational marketing teams needs to be involved in website projects, to help communications teams design and produce a website content aligned with your positioning, adapted to your target audiences and supporting all marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing initiatives allow for the optimization of web site content in regards to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. They ensure to use the internet to increase your message exposure and generate traffic to your web site and marketing campaigns web pieces or landing pages.

Operational Marketing And Social Media.

In B2B environments, social media may be considered as accessory supports rather than essential communication vehicules. A social media strategy helps you to understand the role social networks can play to communicate your messages, and how to integrate them in a global vision that makes sense for your target audiences.

Based on the social media strategy, operational marketing can use social networks to push the content marketing pieces that support their lead generation initiatives and that are adapted to these new media: simple, straightforward, and relevant. Marketing automation tools support the sending of personalized and relevant messages at the right time for the target.

Inbound marketing techniques complement the traditional outbound marketing practices such as emailing to move lead generation to a larger perspective of demand generation. Organization of leads nurturing ensures the generation of qualified and sales-ready leads over time.