A Network of B2B Marketing Professionals

A Network of B2B Marketing Professionals

We work to help you identify your market focus and implement relevant marketing and sales actions.

Created by Isabelle Chevret and Laurence Malroux in 1996, Sextant is an agency specialized in marketing strategy, content production and the implementation of inbound marketing practices aimed at boosting sales. Sextant incorporates a network of B2B marketing professionals and sales executives that has been built up over the course of more than 20 years of experience.

Our vision

We share a single vision and operate with shared values.

Our vision: sales and marketing are interrelated. To succeed in these areas, sales development must have a solid foundation. One must know who they are talking to and in which market, which problems to solve, and which benefits a solution provides in a unique way.

Our philosophy: You must make decisions, identify your priorities and organize action plans that make sense in light of your objectives and the market.

Structured around a solid foundation made up of market positioning, a defined target audience, clear messages and a clear global content strategy, Sextant’s services will help you achieve your goals in light of the digital transformation that organizations are experiencing.

A professional network

Sextant connects experienced independent professionals that are immediately operational.

A pragmatic approach

A single target: we provide concrete results adapted to each situation.

Expert services

We offer specialized expertise to meet project requirements.

Provide marketing and business development support services

  • Flexible: to suit your needs.
  • Specialized: to provide the right expertise.
  • Collaborative: to benefit from an entire network in which every member contributes to the quality of customer services.

Operational and pragmatic implementation

  • We integrate your constraints and your needs– to take just the right actions
  • We assess each action we take from a global and coherent perspective: every step must make sense in terms of your objectives.
  • All of our actions are results-driven.

Simplicity and sharing: We do not view ourselves as experts who know everything. What motivates us is sharing our expertise to help a project progress.
We avoid marketing and technical jargon, preferring to pass on our skills to help your teams take the necessary steps forward.

Commitment and respect: We are skilled at working alongside our customers and partners. We believe in a new model that is based on trust and mutual respect – within the Sextant network and with all of our customers and partners.

The Sextant network

Our network is made up of experienced independent marketing and sales professionals who are immediately operational.

We take responsibility for our partners’ contributions when they are involved in a Sextant project; however, please feel free to contact them directly.


Isabelle Chevret

Marketing strategies and content, Co-founder Sextant Business Development

Marketing and communications director at international organizations for more than 20 years. Inbound Certified by Hubspot Academy .
Specialties: product marketing, positioning and messaging, content marketing, inbound marketing, project direction, management, partners and agencies relationships.

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Laurence Malroux

Co-founder & President
Sextant Business Development

CEO at Panoratio , sales and international director at software companies
Specialties: strategic vision, sales direction, management, international markets

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Claire Gérardin

Marketing / Communications consultant

Marketing and communications manager at international and French companies for more than 10 years
Specialties: blogger, content marketing, IT and new technologies, French, UK and US markets

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Chiara Colombo

Marketing / Communications consultant

Marketing and communications manager at international companies for more than 10 years
Specialties: operational marketing, content marketing, project management, French and Italian markets.

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Guy Leservoisier

Business development consultant

Consultant and strategic account manager for more than 20 years
Specialties: strategic account management, project direction

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Sue Myers

Marketing / Communications consultant

Marketing manager at US companies for more than 15 years
Specialties: operational marketing and corporate communications, PR, US market

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Catherine Lecourt

Business development consultant

Sales manager / strategic account manager at US software companies for 20 years
Specialties: sales strategy, strategic deal management, strategic and large accounts management, French market

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Our partners

Specialized marketing and communication skills are often necessary to integrate all customer requirements: for this reason we have developed partnerships with experimented professionals in the domains of design and web development, marketing automation, press relations and translation.
Here is list of companies who can offer additional services for your projects.


Powerpoint Designers

→ Website

La Bonne Voix

French to US/UK English translation, revision and localization

→ Website


Web consulting and development, web usability experts

→ Website

B Consulting

Press relations → Website

Kaléidos Traductions

Kaléidos Traductions

Translation, adaptation, editing, and proofreading from English and German into French.

→ Website

Our partnerships are based on common customer experiences, and follow a cooptation process within the Sextant network. We share the same value of commitment for added-value customer services.

We confidently stand by the quality of their service and professionalism.

Why Sextant

Our difference is rooted in our strong convictions.

Sextant is built around a network of experienced professionals for all of these reasons. Unlike consulting agencies which offer standard services that may be easily performed by junior consultants, Sextant affiliates are all experts in their fields. Responsible and committed, they can help you at the time you need them, and accelerate your project without crippling your budget.

Small is beautiful

There is no need to be large or spend a lot to be effective. This is the benefit of working with experts on a shared time basis: you get the flexibility of small organizations while implementing powerful and strong execution at the lowest cost.

Talent knows no borders

In this global market, it has become easy to collaborate beyond geographical boundaries. Although each local market has its own cultural conditions, individuals with the skills you need can be found all over the world!

One can be independent and committed

The business world has changed. Although the need for a company to depend on its employees has remained the same, their internal workforce is not the only option. External resources provide you with expert services while offering effective agility – available when and as long as you need them.

Marketing and sales are closely linked

The way to achieve valid results is by ensuring that all marketing and sales actions are consistent with one another. This is why Sextant offers dual marketing and sales expertise.

Organizations require expertise

Experts alone can offer simplicity and effective help for dealing with the increasing complexity of globalization and the countless technologies that exist. The ability to equip your teams with useful skills will speed up your projects and help you save time and money.

Success is the result of collaboration between talented individuals

Today’s world is complex. A single individual cannot possess all the skills that are necessary to develop business and marketing. The ability to team up highly skilled professionals and recognize their various areas of expertise makes for a smart and effective organization.

Our clients

Our customers are commercial or governemental organizations, confronted to the difficult challenge of business development on a global market, and to the necessary digital transformation of organizations.

All industries

    • Software companies
  • consulting agencies, service companies
  • universities and research centers
  • etc.

Similar targets

  • Our customers deal with the general management, C-level executives and technical managers of companies.
  • Complex sales processes

Organizations undergoing stress

  • International development
  • Mergers and/or acquisitions
  • Growth crisis
  • IPO

Common objectives

Looking for fast way to increase their ability to execute and/or increase company growth.
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