Market Positioning: Understand Where Your Priorities Are.

Market Positioning: Understand Where Your Priorities Are.

Market positioning means to make choices: in the universe of all possible options, the ability to quickly identify the best opportunities for your business is critical. Market positioning helps you understand where to effectively invest your time and energy to achieve valuable results.

Truly Know Your Ecosystem.

To make a difference, you need to be familiar with the existing players, and, more specifically, the competitors who operate in your market.
This is the first benefit of market positioning: providing a simple and straightforward vision of your solution’s benefits
in contrast to what is already available on the market. This is an effective way of increasing the visibility of your offering among your prospects.

Understand The Use Cases of Your Solutions.

Why will customers buy your product? In other words, what will it be used for? What are your buyers’ needs? More specifically, for which customer issues will your product offer a solution?
Market positioning includes analysis of your existing customers and their specific purchasing contexts: it will help you understand your priority objectives and identify those which are the most effective in order to industrialize your processes.

Select a Focus.

Each use case represents a scenario that presents more or less interest for being developed in terms of both sales and marketing. When working on your market positioning, you need tochoose from which one(s) from all the possible options has/have the most potential, and focus your efforts here.

By selecting a specific focus that corresponds to one strategic direction, a relevant market positioning can effectively initiate action plans, secure the means to test them, and then deploy adapted resources and achieve results.