Our Area of Expertise: B2B Marketing

Our Area of Expertise: B2B Marketing

We support the digital transformation of your sales and marketing operations in order to implement relevant and effective actions.

Marketing Strategy / Content Strategy

Because anything can be considered as content, defining a marketing strategy means defining a content strategy.

As customers are faced with complex offerings and an extraordinary amount of information on the Internet, it is important to be specific: market focus, both in terms of audience and solutions, allows you to have greater relevancy, and therefore will enable you to be more effective.

This means that you must answer a few questions that seem simple yet prove to be more complex upon further examination: making decisions inherently means eliminating, and this can be difficult! Some of these questions to consider:

  • Who are my customers?
  • What are their needs?
  • What are they looking for? Where? How? When?
  • What is available to meet their needs (internal and external)?
  • What are the unique features of my offering?
  • How can I best present it and structure it effectively?

Content Strategy addresses all of these questions: it results from conducting an analysis of the present players, customer needs and available offerings, as well as the differentiating features or characteristics of a solution (to learn more about this topic, see our article entitled “7 Keys To Clear Marketing Positioning“).

So how is this accomplished? In 2017, there is no longer any need for lengthy market studies in order to develop positioning and identify the best marketing and sales strategy: everything you need can be found online!

What we offer: We provide you with the momentum to help you get noticed.

We start by interviewing your sales managers and some of your customers, and then we analyze your competitive situation to identify the best marketing strategy that is adapted to your objectives and market.

Our approach is operational and pragmatic: we adapt to the specificities of your context and priorities. We help you:

  • Identify the market segmentation that fits with your market position
  • Build a content strategy for each market segment (buyer personas, messages, content)
  • Structure your offering into market solutions
  • Build a website with organized content that is aligned with your strategy

The results, which include an an identified target audience and an offering structured into customer solutions and customer messages, will help you lay the foundation for your sales development. By building this base, you will be able to develop relevant and more effective sales and marketing operations.

Market Segmentation

  • Understand your context: goals, existing customers, use cases, buying cycle
  • Analyze market positioning: target market segments, competitors’ positioning, strengths / key differentiators
  • Define priorities: possible options and objectives for short/medium terms

Content Strategy

  • Define target audiences and their motivations (buyer personas)
  • Identify essential messages to communicate to each target audience.
  • Determine subjects and types of content to produce based on the target audience and their centers of interest adapted to the buying process.
  • Analyze semantics for SEO
  • Identify the best media channel for distribution
  • Define your social media strategy (platforms to use and how)

Offering structure

  • Analyze competing offerings
  • Gain an analyst’s perspective
  • Structure your offering in terms of market solutions

Website architecture

  • Define objectives
  • Conduct audit of existing website
  • Provide recommendations for structuring and organizing content
  • Optimize content for Search Engines / SEO

Marketing Content

Due to the reality that buyers have changed and that they search almost exclusively online for answers to their questions, content marketing is a major trend in modern marketing. It results from the need to communicate value and expertise rather than just the simple technical or functional characteristics of a solution.

However, content production design cannot be thought of in terms of isolated projects: all of your content must tell a story and provide consistent messages for a given target audience.

Before launching content production, it therefore important to give meaning to your communication to ensure that it fits into a global perspective:

  • Who does my content target?
  • What are their needs?
  • What is the value of my offering and what competitive advantages does it offer?
  • What benefits will customers gain from these?
  • What questions are my customers asking, to which I can provide valid answers?

What we offer: Production of marketing content based on who you truly are.

We produce relevant content that is aligned with your positioning and consistent with your messages (and their distribution) for all uses, first for the web, and then for all of your sales materials.

Content production is structured in order to guarantee the overall consistency of messages regardless of which writer is involved in production. This also ensures the demultiplication of production capacity with regards to your scheduling constraints.

This is one benefit of content strategy, which is to provide a global context that may be used to produce all of your content. By defining essential messages, we are able to unite all players, both internal and external, around a single vision.

Marketing Content Production

  • Learn how to prepare a brief for copywriters.
  • Develop an editorial calendar
  • Produce white papers, e-books, infographics and other marketing content
  • Draft sales presentations, pitches, brochures and other sales materials

Web sites and Blogs

  • Define messages
  • Design user interface (with our partners or your agency)
  • Write web page, article, and landing page content
  • Write blog articles
  • Optimize SEO
  • Share inbound marketing best practices
  • Publish content

Social Networks

  • Create LinkedIn company page
  • Share social media best practices

Marketing Plans / Marketing Campaigns

Because “eye dropper” marketing is not enough to create a consistent and valuable pipeline, it is important to think of operational marketing as a consistent set of organized actions that meet specific objectives, which take into account your positioning and the situation of your market.

A modern marketing plan relies greatly on a strategy and organized marketing content which incorporates both inbound and outbound marketing actions:

  • Inbound marketing: actions that aim to provide (by means of search engines and social networks) content of interest to a target audience, stimulate interest and thus generate demand for an offering. It is a new type of marketing action that maintains customer relationships before truly qualified leads are provided to sales reps.
  • Outbound marketing: traditional communication actions sent to a customer target audience (e-mail campaigns, invitations to an event, newsletter, etc.), which are essential for making yourself known and gaining new prospects.

Operational marketing teams are thus facing the need to build campaigns which incorporate this dual perspective. This can often be quite challenging.

What we offer: We organize a relevant action plan to help you reap the benefits of successful operations.

When marketing strategy is defined properly, it is possible to build an action plan that takes into account your priorities and your budget or internal resource constraints. The goal is to get results, not to define lengthy and useless plans.

We help you:

  • Build a global marketing plan that is adapted to your goal and constraints.
  • Define marketing campaigns which generate leads for your sales reps.
  • Pass on inbound marketing best practices to maximize the use of digital marketing.
  • Execute your plan over time: these types of changes always take time, and ad hoc actions rarely result in the expected results, this is why we offer operational support.

Marketing Plans

  • Analyze internal resources (qualification of contact database by market segment and buyer persona, identification of acquisition needs, available contents)
  • Define campaign plan by market target (objectives, topics, contents, media, calendar and budget) associating inbound and outbound marketing
  • Define associated content production plan

Crosschannel Marketing Campaigns

  • Set campaign objectives
  • Define a marketing plan that combines inbound and outbound marketing
  • Create inbound marketing campaigns (content distributed through the web and social networks, nurturing emails)
  • Create outbound marketing campaigns (emails, webinar invitations, business breakfasts, user conferences, acquisition campaigns, etc.)
  • Organize production of associated marketing contents

Inbound Marketing Best Practices

  • Integration of content into a website (landing page, call to action, etc.)
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Use of social networks

Operational support

  • Define performance indicators
  • Provide support for teams
  • Analyze marketing actions and their results
  • Identify necessary adaptations based on results
  • Integrate new developments and updates from the market


Research of commercial partners and distributors

The challenges businesses face are numerous:

  • Time-to-market: saving time is of the essence
  • Resources: budgets are limited
  • International: we are living in a global marketplace

By utilizing specialized expertise, your project is thus accelerated, which helps you on your path to success.

This is what Sextant is all about, and we accomplish this through a network of experienced professionals who are immediately operational.

The windows of opportunities that exist are incredibly tiny. Timing is of the essence and requires that quick and appropriate actions be taken. These include:

  • Analyzing and understanding the market to identify the most idealpositioning
  • Creating messages that capture people’s attention
  • Producing relevant content that facilitates referencing and sales
  • Organizing effective marketing operations at the lowest possible cost

Sextant’s unique expertise in product marketing makes the benefits of an operational approach available to you right away. Acting fast and appropriately is a valuable way to save time.

The market is saturated with information. Your prospects need to find you, understand what you do, and recognize you as a potential provider.

  • You need to be known and perform better than your competitors.
  • You need to be seen, listened to, and understood by your market.

At Sextant we believe that there can be no content marketing without an initial understanding of your key differentiators. By understanding these, your marketing can deliver clear and strong messages.

The world of marketing is experiencing an unprecedented revolution. You have to integrate the best new marketing practices into your approach while taking limited resources and the specificities of your environment into account.

  • Integrate digital marketing from the start of your strategy, continuing throughout the full scope of your marketing operations.
  • Use appropriate social networks as useful sources and vehicles of gathering information that is useful to your business.
  • Automate marketing processes while strengthening the relationship between your marketing and sales.

The professionals that make up the Sextant network are experienced in these areas and accustomed to the new practices of modern marketing. Each has his/her own specialties to offer, which provides you with the most pertinent expertise for your specific needs and context.

In an increasingly competitive global market within an economy that does not allow for mistakes, your sales strategy and operations need to generate effective and rapid results.

  • You are working with demanding performance targets
  • Your customers are looking for true solutions
  • Your sales people need assistance

Sextant was created out of the belief that marketing and business development are closely linked. By providing dual marketing and sales expertise, we help you implement the most relevant system to give your business new momentum.

Other Services

We help you define consistent business plans.

In order to win over investor support, your business plan needs to be both clear and relevant. It is not a marketing document; rather, it should be objective and unembellished.
We can assist you in creating a plan that will generate interest amongst a investor target audience.

  • Identify and quantity your market.
  • Valorize your strengths.
  • Identify mechanisms that will support the industrialization of your development.
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