5 Characteristics of Web Marketing That Helps Your Business.

5 Characteristics of Web Marketing That Helps Your Business.

The importance of the internet – namely, websites and social networks – is indisputable. The generalization of mobile devices emphasizes the need for content that is simple to read and graphically adapted.

However, to make your offering stand out among the many offerings out there, design is not enough.

Engaging in direct and personalized interaction with your existing or potential customers, maintaining this interaction on a regular basis, and providing customers with relevant content is essential to creating a lasting relationship with them that is founded on trust.

This is what web marketing is about.

How to do web marketing to help your business?

5 characteristics to keep in mind:

1.Be Targeted.

Know who you are talking to and what you will say.

Regardless of which media type they are using, be it web or mobile, your readers have no time to lose: they need to understand your message right away.

If you want to be effective and capture their attention, you must produce:

  • Personalized messages, both in their content and presentation.
  • Simple and direct messages – preferably graphically-designed – that communicate your difference

To understand your target audience, you need to listen to what it is saying. Large amounts of data which will can help you learn more about your customers, their behaviors and expectations is now easily accessible.

Being able to analyze your customer’s journey throughout the various distribution and communication channels that exist provides an essential advantage – this is the benefit of big data analytics and marketing automation technologies.

2. Be Organized.

Provide structured offerings and communications that are aligned with your market positioning.

Although digital solutions make it easy to access information, they also require you to operate with simplicity.

In order to be quickly understood, you have to make clear choices – emphasize what you have to offer in a unique way so that that your difference stands out immediately.

This involves using:

  • Structured offerings that are aligned with market solutions
  • Communications that are built around your main messages.

Product marketing can help you structure your offering to facilitate its understanding. It also allows you to incorporate new services – software as a service or mobile applications – in order to build an offering that is adapted to customers’ new expectations – and to identify your differentiating elements around which you will create your key messages.

3. Be Diverse.

Adopt a multi­dimensional presence to address all of your target audience’s needs.

Although your message must remain consistent, its presentation has to be diverse in order to capture the various perspectives of your target profiles as well as each of their individual concerns.

  • Provide varied, attractive content adapted to each context: This is essential for accompanying your potential customers in their maturation process of resolving their problems and discovering solutions.
  • Maintain a global view of your messages and offerings: This ensures the overall consistency of your marketing actions regardless of which distribution channel is used.

Addressing one main message at a time lets you be simple and effective with your content and optimize its presentation: when there are so many communication possibilities available, the quality of your content, as well as its presentation, will inform your potential customers about your business’ level of professionalism and high standards.

4.Be Widespread.

Be in the right place at the right time.

You want the best visibility for your messages and your offering. Of course this means having an optimized, attractive web site, but it also requires widely disseminating your messages and content.

You will have to increasingly act as an editing company and organize the publication of your content as a press editor. This involves understanding who is interested by what and when in order to determine the best times and places to publish.

There are many potential distribution channels for your content, such as the press, analysts and other market influencers via social networks, Google AdWords, etc. You must specifically analyze the relevancy of each distribution channel vis-à-vis your target and objectives, which will help you avoid wasting valuable time and resources. This is the benefit of an effective social networking strategy: you must determine the role of each network based on your own requirements.

5 – Be Active.

Update regularly.

In a changing world, being visible also means being active!

You can no longer publish a website or content just once as it is at a given moment and expect your business to grow over time.

All too often, websites are designed as static publications by communication professionals that are third-party providers to your business.

However, only those involved at the forefront of a business can maintain valid content over time and communicate with customers: this includes publishing regular content about news and events, press releases, as well as all marketing content necessary for communicating your expertise, such as white papers, ebooks, blog articles, etc.

Anticipation is key: By building an editorial calendar that specifies which topics and content will be published and when, you can facilitate the organization of your communication efforts and ensure their regularity.

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